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My designs reflect the natural beauty of our Earth and the diversity of its cultures. A single design can contain turquoise from the south-western US, jade from China, malachite from Africa, carnelian from Tibet and delicately worked silver from Morocco.

There's nothing discreet or understated about these designs. Instead, they reach out and grab attention with their eye-catching elegance. Each piece is a dramatic fusion of bold colours and the exquisite artistry of semi-precious stones and antique beads. They reflect the many cultures, traditions and religions that comprise the human mosaic.

They are friendly. People want to talk about them.

They are unique. You will never meet anyone else wearing the same design.

They are unforgettable.

I hope you enjoy them.


Maureen Knox Jones



AmberAliam goes to sea!

Amberaliam goes to sea

I was invited recently to take some of my designs and deliver a Trunk Show on a Caribbean cruise. This gave me the opportunity to talk to a live audience about my necklaces, the stories behind the stones and focal pieces and my affinity for large, colourful, attention-grabbing jewellery.